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In addition to the learning opportunities available from our presentations, we’ve also got some fun activities to help you practice your skills, and build your career!

Capture The Flag

The Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 CTF promises to be another nail-biter! Top DFIR experts will be participating in the challenge, but all skill levels will have the chance to flex their skills.

Mentorship Day

Looking for advice to move forward in your DFIR career? Mentorship Day at MVS 2023 will see seasoned professionals take the time to offer career advice, along with resume reviews, to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to keep your career momentum going.

Live Q&A With Magnet Forensics Experts

Drop into these live interactive sessions and chat directly with Magnet Forensics product experts. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversation with Product Management, Forensic Consulting, and Market Research team members specifically about Public Safety and Enterprise topics.

Save Your Spot for MVS 2023 Today!

You’ll not only have the opportunity to interact live with experts during a series of informative presentations, but you’ll also have a chance to revisit any sessions you may miss or want to see again. Register for free today so you don’t miss any of the action.