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Capture The Flag

The Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 CTF promises to be another exciting competition! Top DFIR experts will be participating in the challenge, but all skill levels will have the chance to flex their skills. 

Check Out What to Expect in the CTF

In this video, see for yourself how you can take part in this exciting competition and how much it’ll cost to take part (spoiler alert: it’s free!)

Not sure yet if you want to take part? Here are a few good reasons to participate:

Hands-On Practice

What better way to test out your skills than with a real example that puts you up against the clock and others trying to get there before you? It’s definitely a scenario any DFIR professional will encounter! 

Testing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Not sure exactly where you might need to work on some DFIR skills? Our CTF is a great low-stakes opportunity to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Opportunity to Use New Tools

Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new tool to help you in your examinations, but the time was never right. With the MVS CTF, you’ll have a chance to try new tools and maybe add something new to your toolkit. 

New Evidence Files

Some folks may not want to encounter a new evidence file while in the grips of a high-stakes investigation, but during the CTF, you’ll have the chance to learn about new files without adding to your backlog. 

Have Fun!

Above all else, the CTF is a FUN competition that really brings out the comradery of the DFIR community. 

Register For CTF Today!

Magnet Forensics is excited to bring you another amazing Magnet Virtual Summit Capture The Flag (CTF)! This CTF Powered by Hexordia will be a three-hour timed event and will test your skills while competing with others. We don’t want to give away too much, but we promise that Jessica Hyde and interns from Champlain College’s Digital Forensic Association have created a CTF that will be fun, challenging, and full of learning opportunities.

This CTF will take place on March 6 from 11:00 – 2:00 PM ET and it will test your skills while competing with others.

Important: Please note registration for this event closes end of day Wednesday, February 28, 2024. Images and download links will be sent out on Friday, March 1.

Get ready for our Capture The Flag competition by catching up on last year's results.

Read this round-up of last year’s event for a breakdown of the questions, answers, and winners of the CTF.